Donations / Tributes

Tzedakah Possibilities at Temple Israel

The Temple budget is never sufficient to accommodate the many valuable and worthwhile activities and deserving causes that our congregational family engages in. Contributions are essential to help fund these important activities.

There are many reasons to make a donation to Temple Israel:

  • to congratulate friends or family on a special simcha

  • to honor the yahrzeit of a relative or friend

  • to show your sympathy for someone’s passing

  • to help your congregation for any reason

  • to say Thank You- to say Mazel Tov

  • to say I Love You- to show You Care

  • to wish a Refuah Sh’layma

  • purchase a “Sweet Case” for children in foster care

Sweet Case

Notice of contributions of $10 or more are sent to the honorees and are acknowledged in the Temple Bulletin. Your generosity and commitment are deeply appreciated and will help ensure the continued programming and services at Temple Israel.

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Fund Descriptions:

Annual Do-Nut Fundraiser 2019- Temple Israel is not having an annual fundraiser event this year but we still need you to help us end the year strong! Yes! I’ll show my support of Temple Israel for 2018-2019.

General Fund – Unrestricted contributions utilized for general operating expenses.

B'nai Brith Youth Education Fund – Provide books, videos, computers and software for Temple’s Youth Education Department.

Dorothy Gimp Brand Scholarship Fund and Sylvia Brown Scholarship Fund  – Provides scholarship assistance to students in the Moe Gimp Early Learning Center program.

Zola Brand Memorial Garden Fund – Used for the purchase of seasonal flowers for this beautiful garden area.

Sidney M and Jenny R Brouse Family Shabbat & Jewish Holiday Programming Fund – The income from this fund is available to help fund Jewish programs at Temple Israel.

Building Fund – Provides for major repairs which cannot be supported by the normal Temple budget.

Goldie Cash Family Shabbat Dinner Fund – To assist Temple Israel in establishing programming that specifically emphasizes families celebrating Shabbat dinner together.

Harvey A. Chozen and Linda Myers Chozen Israel Study Trip Fund – Provides subsidy so that all members of the Confirmation Class may participate in this exciting educational program.

Dundee-Burger Youth Endowment Fund  – Supports Temple youth programming.

Cantor Harry Sebran Memorial Junior Choir Fund – This fund will support the operating expenses of the Temple Israel Junior Choir, ensuring that our young people will be able to lift their voices in song for years to come.

Moe Gimp Early Learning Center Fund – Helps subsidize this important program of our Education Department.

Barbara S. Goldstein Fund — Provides annual award to confirmand(s) who excel in their Jewish studies.

Judy Halpern Social Justice Fund  – Helps the Social Justice Committee fulfill its important service projects in our community.

Paula & David Jacobson Leadership Enrichment  — The development of leadership for the next generation is an important priority in our congregation. This fund enables Temple to strengthen and expand its program.

Marcia Jankowsky Memorial Cantorial Concert Fund  – Provides annual program of outstanding Jewish music.

Joe Kantor Religious and Hebrew School Endowment — Helps offset the many expenses involved in conveying our heritage from generation to generation.

Kitchen Fund – Provides for replacement and upgrading of kitchen equipment in order to keep this heavily used facility productive and efficient.

Irma and Louis Klar Memorial Pulpit — Brings pulpit speakers of a variety of disciplines to our congregation and community.

Landscape Fund  – Provides for the general upkeep and improvement of our Temple grounds.

Norma and Benedict Lubell Music  — Supports the High Holyday choir and instrumentalists, and other music programming throughout the year.

Dr. E.N. Lubin Clergy Institute – Supports the annual Clergy Institute on Judaism.

Lustgarten Education Fund  – Supports the youth education program of the Temple.

Music Fund – Provides for acquisition and maintenance of Temple musical equipment and supplies, and for special expenses involved in music programming at the Cantor’s discretion.

Jay Myers Memorial Library Fund – Provides for the purchase of books, periodical subscriptions and supplies for our Library which is used by our Religious School students, Temple members and the general community.

Louis "Pug" Myers Endowment Fund for Jewish Education at Temple Israel – Provides for special education programs, projects and equipment.

Jay and Betty Newman Camp Scholarship Fund  — Assists children of the congregation to attend Jewish camp programs.

Prayerbook Fund  – Permits us to replace prayerbooks as needed and also to buy special prayerbooks which are sent to congregants who are hospitalized.

Queen Esther Fund – Administered by the Temple Sisterhood, this fund provides for support of special projects or purchase of needed resources for the Temple

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund – Used at the discretion of the Rabbi for various charitable, religious, civic, humanitarian and educational causes.

Rabbi Charles P. Sherman Members Helping Members Fund — Assists the Temple in subventing membership fees for those unable to pay.

Irene Miller Rothbaum Auditorium Fund  — Established for periodic repair, refurbishing, redecorating and enhancing the auditorium and its equipment.

Rownin-Baker Handicapped Accessibility  — This fund is available for educational, technological or architectural projects to improve Temple facilities and programs for members with physical or mental challenges and disabilities.

Julius and Mildred Sanditen Endowment Fund for Temple Israel Confirmation Class Study Program in Israel  – Provides subsidy so that all members of the Confirmation Class may participate in this exciting educational program.

Security Fund – Helps provide funds to pay professional security personnel who protect Temple and its members.

Al and Marlene Tilkin Memorial Fund – Administered by the Temple Brotherhood, this fund provides for the purchase of special resources needed by the congregation.

Dorothy Whitebook memorial Youth Fund – Provides funds to encourage Temple youth to participate in leadership development programs at Greene Family Camp.

ShalomFest Well-Wishers – Support Temple Israel and ShalomFest. Become a “Well-Wisher” in the ShalomFest Ad Book by making a suggested contribution of $36. Make a donation then call Klara Bode (392-8473) by September 28th and show your support!

Technology Fund- The income from this fund is available to be used for technology related needs for the Temple, including but not limited to computer hardware and software and any other electronic systems.


Memorial Plaques are $1,500 each and permanently memorialize a deceased loved one, guaranteeing that the name of your beloved will be read on their Yahrzeit Shabbat. Proceeds help support the Temple

Shofar Plaques are $1,000 each and may be used to honor or memorialize an individual or occasion on our beautiful entryway Shofar Sculpture. Proceeds support the Temple Foundation.

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