Community Food Bank

Temple Israel’s greatest effort for the Food Bank is our annual High Holyday Food Drive which delivers donations by congregants of both nonperishable foods and funds to support important Food Bank programs such as Senior Servings, Food for Kids Backpacks, and general support for the many food-insecure people in our community.  Our 5775 Holyday drive provided 3,000 pounds of food and over $58,000 for this critical work. In addition, we schedule opportunities for volunteers to help sort and pack foods for the above-mentioned programs.  

An ongoing mitzvah opportunity (AND teachable moment for our children and ourselves!) is forming the habit of buying one extra non-perishable item every time you shop for groceries.  Keep a special shelf in your pantry for these items and bring them to Temple periodically.  An ongoing reminder that, in addition to adult food insecurity in our community, one out of every four children goes to bed hungry at night! For more information or to get involved, please contact Jeanne Jacobs at  918.663.9934.