Music is an important part of life at Temple Israel.  Drawing from a broad repertoire from traditional melodies long sung in the Reform movement to contemporary settings of prayers, we invite worshippers to fill the sanctuary with your voices.

Temple members who sing in the adult and junior choirs add spirit and beauty to the tapestry of music.  Whether it is during High Holiday services, Shabbat, or special holiday celebrations, the choirs inspire the congregation to join them in creating a beautiful sound.  A variety of instrumental accompaniment joyfully supports the music of the congregation including piano and guitar.  Temple Israel enjoys band accompaniment once a month adding clarinet, percussion, bass, and violin along with piano and guitar.  

This year, we are blessed to have Cantor Faith Steinsnyder join Temple Israel for the High Holy Days and two Shabbat weekends per month.  Cantor Faith will lead worship, work with choirs, teach, and partner with the rabbis to be a strong voice of musical leadership for our congregation.  Additionally, we will frequently welcome Jenny Labow, Temple member and local singer/musician, to our bima, as well as several talented Temple volunteers, to assist in leading Shabbat worship.  Jewish music professionals also enrich the music culture at Temple Israel through concerts and participating in the wonderful tradition of the Marcia Jankowsky Memorial Cantorial Concert

We hope that you will join us at Temple Israel and add your voice to our song.